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Every dogs learning and retaining obedience commands differ; never compare your dog to another. Some dogs might be slow learners and sometime the owner is slow to learn. Never judge, just like children you have some that learn quick and sometimes they may be slow. This does not make one dog or another better than the other, or smarter. What constitutes overall is the amount of time the owner puts and stresses on working with their dog. Just like children some parents are always on top of their homework, and are active with their learning. Results are only achieved; which I have mentioned many times Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition.

Once you have trained your dog in obedience, it doesn’t mean it’s over. This only means your dog and you have learned how to apply and execute commands with the knowledge of correcting to maintain what your dog has learned.
A rule of thumb; always inspect your equipment, making sure all is good.
Areas of certain commands may be weak, in cases like that emphasis more on that particular command to achieve better results. On your daily walks, command your dog to the obedience commands to keep them sharp. This does not mean you have to be always militant, but frequent use of the commands will amplify what they have learned. Remember to always give leisure walks during your walks. If you feel you need help with certain commands, even after all the practicing you have done with no results; call your trainer for more sessions even if it’s years later (They should not charge you regardless of how many sessions they give)

Always work on one command at a time, even if it’s for a week that you need to do it. Then proceed to the next weak command and just work that. Advance only when you feel the dog’s response is good.
Be patient; if you’re not in the mood don’t practice. You will be frustrated, so leave it for another day.
I always recommend change your location of walks and practicing regimes, from quiet to noisy and populated areas.
Analyze your dogs weaknesses; in areas they become non responsive to commands and work them in those areas.
With many commands that your dog has learned, there will be a few that you will rarely use. In cases like that put your emphasis on the commands most important and often used. After every training session have a play time as a reward, or just give them a treat. Treat is at the end of a session, Not During Session.

I will be posting with my articles some homeopathic and in home things you can do in case of emergencies for your dog.
This information has been gathered through 30 years of many veterinarians I’ve had the pleasure of learning from.
Seek a veterinarian if unsure or a follow up.

**At times when a dog pees against a hard surface or when they pee on tall grass, they can get the splattered of pee reflected back or the grass will rub against their bellies. If you notice that or want to preventive a rash, simply wipe down the belly with a wet cloth. If it has or gets chronic rashes under the belly you can buy some baby diaper rash solution and use that, it will go away.

Have a woof woof of a month.

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.





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