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An untrained dog regardless of breed 95% will not protect you. They look like they will, but they don’t.
The few that do is just luck. This has been tested with different breeds; most all dogs will take off in the presence of danger rather than stay and fight to protect their owner. If the criminal behaves aggressively towards the dog, very good chances the dog will take off. Most dogs will put on a show or bark like they will kill you but that’s all an act. They will bite and attack out of fear than anything else. A dogs fear has to avenues fight or flee. A non trained dog is like the average person, will either fight or succumb to the treat. While a person that's been trained to fight will stand up and confront with no hesitation. An aggressive dog does not mean they will protect you, they are just aggressive period. Most times the aggression is due to the environment and owners lack of training or guidance from an early age. Abuse also has a hand during the growth & development stages.

Some dogs are naturally dominant in character and that can spill into aggression if not guided properly.
Some breeds are more suitable for protection training; Aka family protection, personal protection. These breeds are categorized in the AKC & CKC under working breeds; however other breeds also can make good protection dogs. Everything depends on the character & temperament of the dog. The dog must be dominant but not dominant aggressive, and mentally stable in temperament.

Just because you have a Rottweiler, doesn't mean it has what it takes to do this type of training. Because of mass demand for soft natured dogs, breeders have gradually bred out the protective instinct gene. Yes and many breeders have not, so choose wisely when buying a pup. Choose a puppy that has what it takes to do protection training; otherwise you will end up with a ballerina. Usually the look of the Rottweiler is enough as a deterrent. I have seen Jack Russell’s stand up to intruders, as I have seen many tough breeds running off scared.

50 some years ago most working dogs were naturally protective and would stand their ground. However many of the breeds that would excel in this type of training; still have that gene within them. A professional trainer will know how to bring it out, by slowly opening up the Pandora box. The trainer must slowly open it; otherwise it can backfire with a negative outcome. If it’s a protection dog you would like, then make sure the dog has what it takes. Have a professional trainer go with you to the breeder, and have him/her help you choose the one best suitable for the outcome you want. Make sure the trainer is fluent & knowledgeable for what you need.

Many people would like their dog to have some protection training, make sure your dog has what it takes.
A professional trainer will tell you. A submissive, shy or timid dog would be bad to train for this type of training. All you will create is an insecure biter that you won’t have any control over.

To truly train a protection dog it takes time, step by step weeks and months…
No protection training should be done without a solid foundation in obedience, real training not treat or food training.
The training of a good protection dog is a fine art in the making.

Protection dogs should be good with people and kids; under no circumstances should the dog show any aggression. If the command has been given, the dog should react and protect the family or the individual. Once the owner calls off the dog automatically the dog should stop and seize all aggression.

Have a woof woof of a month.

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.





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