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The Boca Beacon of Boca Grande Florida


As the beautiful Island of Boca Grande becomes alive with visitors and locals, so does the boating community. With so many families and their dogs out in the gulf, many don’t realize the dangers.

Being prepared is the key for safety. Although many dogs can swim, they would be too far out to swim to shore. Here are some safety measures to take, make sure your dog has a quality life jacket with a handle on top. Have an expandable pole with a quality plastic hook so you can grab the handle part in the event your dog goes overboard.
Metal hooks are okay but for safety reasons plastic hooks will not hurt the dog, remember the waves will make your dog move a lot. You can even use a fish net to scoop them up.

When fishing; careful with your fishing hooks and lines, you don’t want your dog entangled or hooked with a fish hook. When speeding anchor or hold your dog so the bounce of the waves against your boat won’t throw your dog overboard. If another boat is nearby with another dog hold on to your dog because they might jump to go see the other dog. In the event your dog does go overboard shut down your engine, to avoid your dog from running into the blades.

Also your fishing lines should be pulled up so the dog doesn’t get entanglement.
If you’re planning to go fishing remember there are larger predator fish, so keep an eye out for your dog or tie them
up for security reasons. Some curious dogs might jump overboard if they see something splashing or visibly moving in the water. Certain breed known for their love of water are most vulnerable.

Being out in the sun can be hard on your dog especially on the water, make sure they have plenty of fresh water and a shaded area to rest or be restrained.

Another important part of safety is getting on and off the boat, always be cautious. When attaching your dog for safety, don’t attach it to the boats rails best place is where they can’t get near the edges.

Some people allow their dogs to swim, although it’s fun and nice to see, you don’t know what lurks at the bottom. Although the salt water doesn’t irritate many dogs, however many dogs can get skin irritation. Play it safe and rinse (hose them down) or wash your dog, with a good quality shampoo.


   On the flip side I have seen some skin irritation cleared up, through the contact of saltwater.
   In the even a dog swallows any salt water, not to worry the only thing that can happen if anything is
   they will vomit and maybe have loose bowels.  Good chances they won’t




Till next time have a woof woof of a month.




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