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The Boca Beacon of Boca Grande Florida


When travelling by car, the safety of pets should be taken in account.
As much as we may think our pets are safe or are use to something, it doesn’t mean an accident can’t happen. Sometimes the obvious can be over looked.
Always make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines, prior to travelling. On long journeys, make sure you stop several times as your pet may need to stretch & eliminate.

If travelling from one state to another as precaution it’s always a good idea to bring water from home and mix it for a day or two with the new water. Sometimes the difference in the water can cause your dog to have the runs, but by mixing the home water your pet will adjust to the new.

Not all dogs get affected but some do. Also make sure your pet is secured in the back, never think by holding your pet on your lap its safe.

While driving; don’t let your pet stick their heads out, all sorts of dust/debris can get into their eyes causing an eye infection or eye issues.

Never Ever leave your dog unattended in a car, even if you have the windows down, air conditioning on, or parked under a tree it’s not right. Think about it would you leave a child in the car? No and same goes for your pet. Not even if it’s for 5 min.

Many store owners in good faith leave out water for dogs, in case they are thirsty on their walks.
Water left outside could be contaminated from different animals or pets that might have drank from it.
You never know and never under estimate, a rodent or a leaf (that might have been sprayed with pesticide) could have fallen in and contaminated it. Anything can influence water left out for long periods of time. It’s best to avoid; bring your own water bottle on your walks.

If you’re pet is riding with you on a golf cart, make sure it’s restrained.
Although your dog is use to riding unrestrained, a trigger of any sort can cause the dog to fall or jump off while you’re driving. Even the best dogs can jump off when triggered by a wild animal, loud noise, a car back firing, other dogs and much more. Restraining is for the safety of your pet, you and others, so don’t play Russian roulette.
Even if your golf cart is parked make sure your pet is restrained, a bye passer with a dog can trigger your dog to jump out. Sometimes kids with food might entice the dog to jump out.

In the event your dog is over heated, you must cool them down immediately; a cold wet face cloth placed under their arm pits / feet / on top of head, or a wet cold towel placed on top of them.
You can hose your pet down, but always start at the feet then move up gradually towards the body never hose their body first.  Just like people we tend to stick our toes and feet first before jumping in the water, this helps and regulates the body prior.
Precautions and vigilance is the key for our pets saftey

The daffodil plant is considered poisonous, but the daffodil bulb is the most poisonous to dogs. Eating any part of a daffodil can cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, arrhythmias, convulsions and a serious drop in blood pressure


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