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"Dog training gets you in shape"

In Part 3 of Dog Training we covered till the dog stays beside you to a certain degree. However it is at this point the trainer would recommend which training tool to be used to continue the training.
We must move on to another topic, because at this point any further instructions will be useless without knowing how far the dog has come.

We all want the perfect dog and you can have it, if you’re willing to do your part. Just like wanting to get in shape and lose weight, it doesn’t happen overnight. We always hear about new products or a new diet, and people jump to it. Sadly there are no short cuts in losing weight or training your dog. You must daily set aside some training time for your dog as you would for going to the gym. Within a few short weeks you will begin to see the difference.
If you follow the guidance of your trainer your goals will be achieved. When you begin the training you will be walking a lot, I recommend 1 hour walks while executing and practicing commands. If you work with your dog daily not only your dog gets better because of repetition you will also notice a change in yourself.

All training should begin in quite areas and gradually exposing them to more crowded areas while practicing your commands.
Practicing means constant repetition of the same commands till the dog fully understands before moving on to the next command.
The daily 1 hour walks while practicing your obedience commands helps the dog be calmer, less destructive and happier.
On your walks you will come across people, kids and dogs that will run to greet your dog.
Although they mean well they should ask first, because you don’t know how your dog or the other will react. You also don’t want your dog to jump on a child and scratch them, or hurt them accidently causing for a lawsuit. If you do allow it tell the people that you will need to correct its behavior if it tries jumping up at them, and only to pet the dog when it’s sitting. If you want your dog to socialize make sure the other dog is friendly and watch out for leash entanglement.

Don’t worry what anyone thinks, you have a goal to attain!

Every month we will advise of which plants that are harmful or toxic, that can cause from sever sickness to death.

Autumn Crocus.jpg

Autumn Crocus: A few of the symptoms; vomiting, diarrhea and seizures. It can cause liver and kidney damage. The most toxic part of the plant is the bulbs.

Have a woof woof of a month.

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.




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