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The dogs exhibited ethicacy is the direct reflection of people’s behavior towards them.
People are taught to be respectful, polite, and courteous; same is expected of the dog.
People from day one are taught and educated through their parents and schools, the same rule must apply to dogs through their owners or trainers.
Obedience training teaches dogs on how to behave indoors or outdoors, and not to be unruly when greeting people. However people loose themselves when they see a dog or puppy, they become hyper with a squeaky voice as they run up to the dog. With that type of attention it’s normal for a dog to become super excited. People should realize that the owner may not appreciate that type of greeting, and for the sake of politeness they say nothing.
I’m sure people would not appreciate if a dog ran up and jumped all over them, so people should realize not to do the same thing when they see a dog. They should respect and behave appropriately and show courtesy towards both the owner and the dog. If you want to greet the dog, ask the owner first if it’s okay; that would show ethicacy. The owner will most likely have the dog sit, before you pet it.
Always remember not all dogs are friendly; sometimes when a dog is approached to quickly or startled can bite.
To greet the dog give the owner a chance to get the dog to sit and stay, let the owner correct as many times necessary before you greet. The dog will make an association that if it sits and stays, it can be petted. People please when the owner is trying to correct the dogs behavior don’t say “oh I don’t mind, oh its okay” That’s not up to you it’s at the owners discretion. Believe me the owner wants their dog to sit stay prior to being petted.
If you see the owner trying to teach their dog obedience commands or just teaching the “Heel command”, don’t just go running to greet the dog. Don’t let your own dog go running to it either, have some courtesy. All the owner wants from their dog is to be controllable, especially in crowded areas and for greet and meet situations. An obedient dog will exhibit ethicacy as it learns right from wrong. If the dog is barking the owner must teach that barking is not acceptable, unless the dog is at home and senses an intruder on their premises, or trying to get in. Barking is the best form of alerting the owner. During play they can bark but to a limit that is acceptable, but nuisance barking is not. Teaching it not to bark unnecessarily is another form of ethicacy.


Every month we will advise of which plants that are harmful or toxic, that can cause from sever sickness to death.

The sago palm plant is extremely poisonous when ingested
Symptoms: bloody vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding disorders, liver failure and death.

 Always contact your veterinarian

Till then have a woof woof of a month.

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.





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