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The reality of dog ownership means you have chosen to take responsibility in the welfare of providing all the necessary needs that comes with ownership, as well as to teach them how to live in our society.
Every dog regardless of the breed needs to be provided with the basics; shelter, food, love as well as the training needed for a well behaved dog. So why do people leave out the training till it’s too late? Many owners think they can do it on their own, or come up with the craziest reasons why not to train the dog. Every dog must go through obedience training and if you say you can’t afford it or have no time then you’re lying to yourself. You have enough money to buy and feed the dog and have the means to pay for your cigarettes, booze, your outings and other novelty spending but you have no way of investing in training your dog!

Have no time? Why did you get a dog? You have time for the gym, but no time to walk and train your dog. Many dog owners give up and take their dog to the shelter, because the novelty and the much needed work was too much for them. The breeds frequently found abandoned at rescues and shelters are either pits or pit mixes. Good people want to adopt and rescue these dogs, which is great as long as they realize they will have to train the dog. Most dogs found at shelters are older and they were given up because they were misbehaving and destructive with the cause being the lack of obedience training.

If you truly love your dog and want to have them for a long time, invest in training otherwise their natural instincts will take over. Don’t think by screaming or physically punishing the dog you are training them, you’re Not. That type of behavior from you will result in the dog; to either tune you out or become scared and you don’t want that. Your dog just wants to please you not upset you, but they don’t know how. It’s up to you to guide them by teaching them the obedience. Show them what is accepted or not, through proper channeled training. That initial investment will be with you for the rest of the dogs life, 10 years plus.

Let’s take a breed that has had a bad rap for years The Pit Bull; I have seen many that are well behaved walking perfectly beside their owners. They look impressive, and you know it has probably gone through obedience training. The owner proudly walks their dog in demonstrating the good side of proper ownership.
Then you have others with their Pitt Bulls on a harness pulling with the leash wrapped around their hand, like they are walking a lion. These types of people are trying to exhibit and show the power of their dogs. I call these people the wannabe tough or I’m cool people usually aged between 18 and mid 30’s. Unfortunately these are the people that cause the dogs that end up, giving a bad rap to the other well behaved pit bulls. With my years of experience I can tell you those pits that have been trained are not only intelligent but excel in obedience. They are of good nature, wanting to please like any other breed. The results of a good dog and well behaved is based on the owner and not the breed.

Ask yourself this question do you honestly think that each breed knows what they are? No they don’t, we humans bring out the quality traits through teaching what they were created for.  


Please note; every dog’s results are based on the amount of time the owners put in. For successful results follow my formula; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition.

Tip of the month; don’t listen to anyone, listen to the professional. Even then, use your gut feeling of what makes sense to you or what does not.

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.





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Cape Coral
Ft. Myers
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