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Agility is teaching a dog to scale, and run through a variety of designed obstacles.
Usually standard agility courses are of simple obstacles, and once they learn they become more agile and more confident. Its fun and owners and their dog spend a lot of time together practicing.
Here is a list of standard obstacles; A frame, Dog plank walk, Seesaw, Weaving poles, Collapsible tunnel, Solid tunnel, Open bar jumps, Solid board Jumps, Tire jump, Broad jump, Pause table, Jumping through a hole made in a board.
Agility competitions are based on how quickly a dog can accomplish the obstacle course. The owner is always running by the side of the dog with instructions as the dog goes through the set of obstacles trying to make the best time.

Then there is the Ultimate Agility.
The ultimate agility covers not only the standard agility that is mentioned above but much more complex obstacles. Here is the complex agility obstacle list; Teaching the dog to run across upright tires, Crawl under very low planks (military type of wiring), Walking on suspended horizontal ladders, Swinging suspended rope ladder, Walking across suspended 2”x4”x8’ double parallel beams, walking across a suspended 1inch wide parallel pipe bars, walking across suspended 4 inch wide cat walk, Barrel Jumps, and much more.
What would be the purpose of doing Agility training? It builds up the confidents of the dog to a high, coordination of their hind legs, strengthens their front and back legs, builds
balance coordintaion, elevates concentration, and much more.

The best type of agility training not competition wise, is having the dogs do their commands before and during on and off the obstacles. Many dogs that try these obstacles fail even if they have already been trained in agility. The reason is they were  trained just to clear and do the obstacles fast. I believe (my opinion)a dog should have a solid base in obedience before registering for agility training. Every owner or training schools have different criteria’s as well as expectations. Obstacles are usually adjusted according to the breed weight and size.

Obedience training requires; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition

Agility training is not advised for dogs that are extremely hyperactive; it will only elevate their already high level of hyper activeness.

Complex and simple Agility Training are done and held at Critter Cottage in Englewood
All training requires; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition


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