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Dog trainers as well as dog owners need to examine the magnitude or level of aggressiveness that the dog exhibits.

Is it man made? Is it Genetics? Is it a rooted? Is it lack of discipline?

Here is a guide line of questions to answer, then a proper sequence of modification or corrections can be applied.

Please do not try to correct it yourself without the guidance of a true qualified professional Dog trainer.

1. Has the dog actually bitten? and who?

2. Was it a stranger or a family member?

3. How serious was the bite?

4. Did it require medical attention?

5. Was the bite provoked?

6. Was their any warning signs?

7. In the past 6 to 12 months, has the dog exhibited any aggressive

8. Is the aggressive behavior predictable or not?

9. Is the aggression over food?, A bone? or is it territorial ?

10. Was the dog recovering from an injury or experiencing pain at the
time of the incident?

11. Has your vet ruled out a medical condition?

12.Do you happen to know if the parents of the dog has ever exhibited aggression?

There are many different forms of aggression, all having their own cause.
Aggressive behaviors can be corrected or modified using different training techniques.
Please note their are many times that the aggressive behavior can't be
corrected nor modified, due to age-sex and breed. Also take in account
will you trust the dog afterwards? Although you might think the dogs
aggressive behavior has been corrected or modified you will ponder is the
dog going to snap one day? Is it a ticking time bomb? Do i take the chance?
Sometimes when we are handed a situation that their is no trust left nor
nothing we can do We look for an alternative, like a different home environment.
Example: A dog that doesn't like kids and has bitten, but the dog is great so a
situation like that would direct us to maybe finding a new home with no kids and
owners that are vigilant.

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