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The Platinum Service
This program is "La crème de la crème" A concentrated service that is for the serious pet owner.
This Platinum service depends on the individual dog; some dogs might not meet the requirements needed for this type of training.
This service is based on 3 days a week for 3 weeks. The first week of classes are done solely by the trainer, the last 3 classes the owner participates in the last half hour of those classes. This service is for a period of 3 weeks 9 classes’ total, however if for some reason more time is needed there is no additional charges. This service is done at the owner’s residence where time and day is at the owner’s discretion. This program carries a lifetime of the trainer’s services at the highest level.
Everything is covered from Obedience, Behavior and correction of any unwanted traits. (Pending)
All training tools and equipment are included.






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