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Executive V.I.P. Dog Training

A brief history

Professional Trainer, Behaviorist, Ethologist

United States & Canada

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Harry Kalajian aka Uncle Harry to the dogs I’ve had the pleasure to train. I am originally from the great city of Montreal, Quebec. Canada, and have been very fortunate to move and live here in the United States a great country and long time dream of mine.
I am fluent in English, French, Armenian and a few others which I pull through.

In 1986, i started my career in the field of dog training in Montreal Quebec Canada.
I was very fortunate to learn and be guided from many English and French trainers over the years as well as by many American trainers across the US as well as a few trainers in Europe.

In 2014 I moved down to Englewood and opened up my school “Executive Dog Training Inc.”
I have over 32 years of hands on experience in training dogs, as well as strong back ground in behavior, psychology and ethology. I have learned on hands and not by text books, text book learning never points out the variants in modifications or individual behavioral cases.

With the success that I have had through the years I needed to pass my knowledge and expertise to others that want to become trainers or for those to excel as trainers.

With that in mind, I opened up over 15 years ago the Montreal Dog Trainers Network
which is situated in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

(The Montreal Dog Trainers Network is still active and run by one of my top
competent student Mr. Chris Papakostas.
As of 2021 Mr. Chris Papakostas has taken over the Montreal Dog Trainers Network)

Montreal Dog Trainers Network is now known as the Dog Trainer

I have been on major talk shows, commercials and much more…

My expertise has been sought by lawyers in litigation trials, by the media and by the students who follow in my footsteps in the field of dog training.
We have received numerous accolades for our upscale services and results, let alone for our code of ethics.
My clientele range across the United States and Canada it includes members of the Police Forces, Dignitaries, CEO's, Royalty, the Affluent, and of course the general public.

I have always believed that all dogs regardless of age, sex, breed, size need to be trained with at least minimum of obedience training. We should remember these dogs live in our environment, with our rules for their safety and others. Not one method of training technique is better than another, professional trainers will use a variety of techniques.

All our V.I.P. services are not only rendered in the environment where the dog lives, but also we go to many different street location, Grocery Stores, Home Depot, outside strip malls and other places. You can also choose training at our facility in Englewood.

Through the years I have heard hundreds of stories from pet owners that even after taking obedience classes their dog still misbehave.
Why is this ???

Their are 4 main reasons:

1-The method of training was not suitable according to the character and temperament.
2-The owner and their dog did not have a good connection with the trainer.
3-The owners didn't have the right instruction & guidance.
4-The owners didn't put enough time towards their practice sessions.

I have through the years established a unique way in perfecting the art of dog training, and have made it possible for the owners to be able to apply the methods with great ease.

Always remember a qualified professional trainer must posses on hands experience in both
Behavior & Training
prior to train any dog.
Upon evaluation each dogs character and temperament must be taken in consideration before the trainer
can choose which method is best suitable for that particular dog.



With the success that i have had through the years i needed to pass my knowledge and
expertise to others that want to become trainers or for those to excel as trainers.

   With that in mind i opened up the Montreal Dog Trainers Network in (Quebec, Canada)

I am now offering Dog training Career courses in Southwest Florida to qualified people

I am The Founder of the E.T.B Tag Executive Tracking Beacon

Harry Kalajian


Definition of Ethology

By Wikipedia

Ethology is the scientific and objective study of animal behavior under natural conditions, as opposed to behaviorism, which focuses on behavioral response studies in a laboratory or controlled environment settings. Ethologists have been particularly concerned with the evolution of behavior and the understanding of behavior in terms of the theory of natural selection. In one sense, the first modern ethologist was Charles Darwin, whose book, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, influenced many future ethologists.

Understanding ethology or animal behavior can be important in animal training. Considering the natural behaviors of different species or breeds enables the trainer to select the individuals best suited to perform the required task. It also enables the trainer to encourage the performance of naturally occurring behaviors and also the discontinuance of undesirable behaviors


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