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About Our Dog Training Courses

"We are Trilingual"

We will also train in any language of your choice.

We only accept serious applicants

-We offer designed and tailored programs, to fit our clients goals and lifestyle.

- Our training methods is based according to each individual dog.

- The method is based according to the Character & Temperament & age of the dog.
   Size & Weight has no relevance to training.

- Following evaluation of the dog, we select the most suitable training techniques &

- Each technique requires the appropriate training equipment, and thus we have selected the
   best from around the world.

American, German and Canadian

- We also offer E-Collar Training only for those dogs that have good obedience basics.

Contract: (Course are paid in full at signing)

1- All levels of training carries a life time support as long as you own the dog.

2- You can call us as many times as you want.

3- Repetition is a must to achieve goals.

4- Classes are a standard 10 weeks but we go according to the learning abilities of the dog
     and owner.

5- In many cases owners learn quicker than their pet and also the reverse is true.

6- We don’t count hours or the amount of times we see you.

7- Please note that if you procrastinate and don’t practice with your pet we will know.
    Your dog will tell us.
Also note if you don't practice we can't go forward.

7- All Courses come with life time support.


1- All training equipment is guaranteed for 1 year against breakage.
    (Unless your dog chews it)

2- If your dog eats the training leash it’s not guaranteed you must buy another one.

3- If you misplaced or lost your training tools you must buy another, it is not replaced for

4- Chokers are replaced for free when your dog has out grown from it.
We take back the old one and replace it with a new one.


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