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Our Methods

Prior to what method will be used

Upon evaluation, we will choose the best method and tailor a course that will
be suitable for your dog, based on its character and temperament.

We advocate balance in training.

We praise when the dog does well and we correct the dog when it doesn't.

The degree of corrective measures are dependent on the situation at hand.

Leadership means you are the Alpha (In charge).

Dogs, wolves, humans we all have the same principles.

We all have a family structure, in dogs its called a "pack"



(Family structure) Dad, mom, kids...

Dogs & wolves

(Pack structure) Alpha male, Alpha female, and the lower ranking.
When training your dog a combination of praise and Alpha leadership will give you the best results.

_________A combination of several methods maybe used in training_________

All depends on the evaluation of the dog


Training Methods Across The Globe


Any trainer that claims that their method is better than another's should change careers. What they are really saying is that they don’t know how to implement the other methods, nor do they understand the other techniques.

These people are not professional trainers, they pretend to be.

Not all dogs are created the same, sometimes it is necessary to combine many different methods to get the desired results.
The professional trainer has to decide, upon the evaluation of the pet

(breed, sex , environment and the behavioral issues, etc...), prior to which method would be best suitable.

The truly professional trainer will, incorporate a number of techniques to enhance the training with the weeks ahead. The trainer also has to conform to the comfort zone of the owners of the pet and make them feel comfortable with the methods he will be incorporating.

If a trainer or training school speaks negatively of another trainer/school they are, in fact, revealing their own insecurity regarding their abilities and are attempting to justify their methods. In other words, they’re trying to make the sale!

With proper professional obedience training, fewer dogs are surrendered to the S.P.C.A. and
rescue organizations.

Across the globe there are trainers using a wide variety of techniques in training dogs.

Here are the major techniques: (All have Pros & Cons)

- Cookie training (based on treats)

- Clicker training (based on treats)

- Tap training (touch / treat / voice / collar)

- Whistle training (based on treats and corrections)

- Silent Whistle training (based on treats and corrections)

- Collar training (based on treat and collar corrections)

- Halti Training (based on treat and Halti corrections)

- Choker training (nylon, cord, chain, martingale, etc...)

- Pinch Collars (aka prong collar)

- Vibrating collar (attention drive)

- E-Collar
( Electronic collars come in a variety of models, depending upon what you need it for )

- Throw chain
( **This evolved many moons ago from a method where a fake arm was thrown near the dog or at the dog to startle it and get its attention.**  Now they use a chain, which is first shaken to create noise, then thrown at the dog. (unfortunately this technique has been used out of contents and therefore created unwanted behaviors mostly fear based) If used in the proper way as it has been meant for the technique is effective. (But not using a chain)

Apologies if any techniques have been omitted.  These are the most popular.

Each method has positive and negative results, it depends entirely upon the way that it is used.

Example: Consider choosing one medical Doctor among the many; Not one is necessarily better than the other so the final choice is based upon one’s own comfort level. 


Courtesy of Petsupplies.com

Courtesy of Petsupplies.com

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