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Best age for training


Although their is no real age related time frame for training a dog, their is however a best age to begin.

Best age to get a puppy is at 2 months.

Between 2 & 3 months a bond is created between pet and owner.

At the age of 3 months you can begin socialization and puppy training.

Puppy training can mean different things to different dog training schools, for me at the age of 3 months you can start full obedience. At the age of 3 months they are like a blank sheet of paper. Nothing to erase but only to instill and program what you want.

If you wait till their 4 or 5 months old they will have several undesirable behaviors.
Those behaviors will have to be erased prior to instilling the desired ones. If those unwanted behaviors are not unattended to, the undesirable behaviors will become harder to resolve. The older they get the harder it is to erase, correct or modify. (Sometimes pending the behavior nothing can be done).

As a final note; all levels of training at any age can be done, during the evaluation we can know to what degree of training can be accomplished. Each case differs from one to another.

Please note that some behaviors can be genetic or rooted and therefore can only be modified to a certain degree. If the behavior is environmental or manmade then yes it can be corrected or modified or eliminated to a certain degree.


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